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The 2019 Creston Classic Rodeo is underway, so now’s the time start paying close attention to the “what, when, where, who, and how” of it all:

2019 Creston Classic Rodeo
September 12-15, 2019

2019 CCR Draw Sheets “Coming Soon”:

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Stuff to Know:

  • Rodeo Secretary:  Linda Davis (619) 301-0905
  • Barrel Race Jackpot Info:  Lindsey Stornetta – 530-515-5162
  • Team Roping Jackpot Info:  James Grantham 805-610-0641 or Jon Shadle 805-423-2745

CCR 2018 Results:

Hide Race
1st Sierra Thompson & Lee Oliver
2nd Emily Engelage & Megan Jones
3rd Craig Pritchard & Lucy Pritchard

Albert Lewis Memorial Branding
Winners: Mark Scobie, Chad Wittstrom, Kyle Davis & Casey Sabin

Double Mugging
1st Bryan Bobson & Kory Rupe
2nd Kyle Davis & Chad Wittstrom
3rd Clint Weibe & Justin Rupe

Sort & Brand
1st Pat Boyle, Danny Leslie, Clay Avila & Brian Huntsberger
2nd Kyle Davis, Blaine Ketshaw, Cody Keller & Garrett Crocker
3rd Clay Simmons, Chance Machado, Cutter Machado & Tanner Patino
4th Mark Scobie, Jake Pettyjohn, TJ Collett & Preston Huerta
5th Casey Sabin, Liz Shadle, Jessie Vasquez & Chad Wittstrom

Ribbon Roping
1st Rhett Varian & Lynnde Cole
2nd Cody Mora & Allison Grantham
3rd Tammy White & Ryan White
4th Brennan Varian & Mattie Work
5th Chance Ruffoni & Alexa Young

Ladies Ribbon Dogging
1st Megan Jones
2nd Alison Grantham
3rd Sierra Thompson
4th Katelyn Hurl
5th Mandy Stribling

All Girls Team Roping
1st Cambell Cole & Lynnde Cole
2nd Lacy Lowry & Joyce Spence
3rd Courtney Hartzell & Lynnde Cole
4th Emily Engelage & Megan Jones
5th Michelle Hansen & Jennifer Roden

Steer Stopping
1st Chance Ruffoni
2nd Tammy White
3rd Tyler Amos
4th Derrek Hee
5th Cody Mora

Open Team Roping
1st Wyatt Hansen & Lane Karney
2nd Chance Machado & Cutter Machado
3rd Ben Renteria & Jesse Vasquez
4th Cutter Machado & Chance Ruffoni
5th Justin Rupe & Franky Martinez

Amateur Team Roping
1st Breanan Varia & Colton Miller
2nd Cody Keller & Garret Crocker
3rd Chance Machado & Levi Luis
4th John Stemper & Jimmy Gardner
5th Breanan Varian & Rhett Varian

Sort & Rope
1st Breanan Varian & Caleb Twissleman
2nd Chris Hanneken & George Martinez
3rd Coden Clay & Blake Cronin
4th Danny Leslie & Brian Huntsberger
5th Cody Mora & Breanan Varian

Men’s Tie Down
1st Kyle Davis

Ladies Breakaway
1st Gina Cope
2nd Courtney Hartzell
3rd Kathryn Varian
4th Kaitlyn Anderson
5th Melanie White

Steer Riding
1st Chance Machado
2nd Chase Shrode
3rd Hunter Landers

Team Sorting
1st Allison Grantham, Cody Mora & Duane Baxley
2nd Pat Boyle, Colton Miller & Danny Leslie
3rd Breanan Varian, Justin Rupe & Cory Rupe
4th Craig Pritchard, Ron Garcia & Jorge Martinez
5th Chris Hannaken, Monique Hannaken & Megan Jones
5th Kyle Davis, Jon Shadle & Liz Shadle