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The 2022 Creston Classic Rodeo is underway, so now’s the time start paying close attention to the “what, when, where, who, and how” of it all:

2022 Creston Classic Rodeo
September 15-18, 2022

2021 CCR Draw Sheets below :

2021 Saturday Slack
2021 Saturday Performance
2021 Sunday Slack
2021 Sunday Performance


Schedule 2021 Click here for the Rodeo Schedule:

Stuff to Know:

  • Rodeo Secretary:  Linda Davis (619) 301-0905
  • Barrel Race Jackpot Info:  TBD
  • Team Roping Jackpot Info:  Lee Oliver (805) 674-7642

CCR 2019 Results:

Hide Race
1st Chance Machado & Bronson Nicholos
2nd Jesse Reeger & Damian Rodriguez
3rd Allison Grantham & Chase Grantham
4th Lee Oliver and Sierra Thompson
5th Ryan Jennings & Jake Brown

Double Mugging
1st Bronson Nicholas & Will Centoni
2nd James Grantham & Blaine Ketcher
3rd Ward Fullendorf & Cory Rupe
4th Clint Wiebe & Justin Rupe
5th Lee Oliver & Dusty Lopes

Sort & Brand
1st Cody Mora, Allison Grantham, Bob Brown & Brennan Varian
2nd Cutter Machado, Chance Machado, Clay Simons & Tanner Patino
3rd Pete Rinson, Jose Machado, Edgar Machado & Pepe Machado
4th Kelly Barker, Quintin Hall, Jesse Vasquez & Effrin Zambrano
5th Casey Stribling, Ronnie Garcia, Ryan White & Joey

Ribbon Roping
1st Jesse Vasquez & Melanie White
2nd Ronnie Garcia & Kayla Hurl
3RD Jessica Thompson & Errik Hicks
4th Pat Boyle & Sammy Massey
5TH Bob Brown & Cambell Cole

Ladies Ribbon Dogging
1st Jennifer Roden
2nd Manda Stribling
3rd Allison Grantham
4th Sierra Thompson
5th Laci Lowry

All Girls Team Roping
1st Allison Grantham & Tammy White
2nd Melanie White & Brittney Kelly
3rd Laci Lowry & Kenzi Machado
4th Casey Yates & Ali Bilkey
5th Melanie White & Tara Grant

Steer Stopping
1st Rhett Varian
2nd Franky Martinez
3rd Well Sontori
4th Peter Rinson
5th Pat Boyle

Open Team Roping
1st TJ Collett & Mark Scobie
2nd Cutter Machado & Mark Scobie
3rd Chance Machado & Lane Lowry
4th Peter Rinson & Jose Machado
5th Ronnie Garcia & Joey B.

Amateur Team Roping
1st Casey Stribling & Travis Xavier
2nd Jake Walker & Cody Golding
3rd Casey Stribiling & Jon Robertson
4th Well Sontori & Peter Rinson
5th Buster Sequra & Dominic Sill
6th Clint Wiebe & Wyatt Wilson

Sort & Rope
1st Bob Brown & Brinan Varian
2nd Allison Grantham & Bob Brown
3rd Garret Crocker & Jon Shadle
4th Ryan White & Casey Stribling
5th Franky Martinez & Colton Miller

Ladies Breakaway
1st Nik Tsogie
2nd Gina Cope
3rd Kaitlynn Anderson
4th Laci Lowry
5th Samantha Hand

Steer Riding
1st Chase Shrode
2nd Edgar Machado
3rd Lee Oliver
4th Chance Machado
5th Clay Simons

Team Sorting
1st Casey, Sandy & Kylie
2nd Quentin Hall, Tammy White & Ryan White
3rd Justin Rupe, Ali Bilkey &
4th Buster Sequra, Bryan Bobsin & Dominic Sill
5th Manda Stribling, Krista Sabin & Emily Gallegos

Barrel Racing
Div. 1
1st Trew Mitchell
2nd Kaitlyn Hurl
3rd Julie Martin
4th Kristine Flock
5th Teegan Ross

Div. 2
1st Christine Tidwell
2nd Renee Ledesma
3rd Jennifer Weiman

Div. 3
1st Abigail Knecht
2nd Bailey Nigrano
3rd Paisley Bunn

Div. 4
1st Lily Thompson
2nd Bailey Narhgang
3rd Paige Autry