Vendors and Concessionaires
Deadline for Submissions: Sept. 8, 2022

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Vendors & Concessionaires
2022 Vendors and Concessionaires

Scentsy- Karen Forth

Paparazzi- Samantha Coelho

Tupperware- Nikki Biddison

Keiki Ice- Sarah Roldan

Granite Ridge

Crave Mini Donuts-Sandy Mccolm

Back Country Crafters- Mary Harder

Lucky Finds Boutique

Dave’s Dogs

Golden Coast Cowgirl

Frank Davis- Bubble Fun, Inc. (Bounce house & Slides)

Maria Silva-Silvia’s Tacos

KC Feed’s-Cecil

Creston Men’s Club

Creston Women’s Club

Creston 4-H Horse group

Kern River Knifes-Ronnie

Rustic Desire’s

The Cactus Man

California Customs

LiliaRose Hair Clips