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Est. 1996

Rodeo Benefactor: Brian & Christine Pritt

CCR In the early 1990s, a Creston rancher’s wife and Cattlema’am had been enjoying a busy life in the communities and raising her children’s, doing what she could in her free time to preserve the heritage of Creston and build a brighter future for the generations to come. A lady friend of hers would come by the ranch a couple of times a month and they’d share dreams they had for the community and pending retired lives. The Cattlema’am was particularly fond of the sport of rodeo, putting together couples trips to the Mid State Fair for the PRCA performances, and dreaming of one day having a rodeo in Creston. She’d talk about it with her rancher husband, maybe putting up an arena and stands in the flat below the house; no dream was too big for her and her capable friends. Logistically, a personal arena wasn’t realistic so she and her lady friend put their minds together and thought of who may be able to help and where they could have such a rodeo. The lady friend’s family was longtime friends with the legendary Cotton Rosser. She knew he had portable stands and arenas exactly for these occasions. She knew of some other friends in town who had experience producing large events and was sure they’d also share their collective dream. And so, the original Creston Classic Rodeo Committee was formed.

The Creston community has always had a can-do attitude. They have built their own church, school, jail, firehouse, maintained their own roads, and of course, lent a hand to neighbors. They’ve raised funds for a community pool built in the 1960s and maintained at their own expense. They’ve helped folks in need, scholarships for their homegrown kids, put on “Olympics” for the elementary school, hosted bike rides for thousands, and welcomed all newcomers with open arms. All Creston has built was done so with little to no money from the county or state. Creston and Pozo were the only communities in San Luis Obispo County that did not have a community center; a place to host a baby shower or wedding reception or even a fundraiser if someone wanted to offer their guests more than a soft drink. The Cattlema’am thought this was shameful and darn it, she was going to see to it that Creston got the community center it needed and a rodeo would be a perfect fundraiser to do just that.

In the spring of 1996, the wheels were in motion and momentum was growing. The Cattlema’am was quite artistic and drew up a program. Champion belt buckles were designed. A Rodeo Queen was an absolute must so contestants were solicited and a whopping seven signed up. To the delight of the CCR Committee, entries were rolling in and the community was in full force behind this new and exciting event.


The First Ever Creston Classic Rodeo was held September 15-17, 1996. Friday night was a big team roping, Saturday and Sunday were rodeo performances, and Saturday night was a fantastic barn dance at the Loading Chute featuring Monte Mills & the Lucky Horseshoe Band. Of course, Sunday morning was Cowboy Church led by the beloved Pastor Scott Bond. Sponsor banners like Roher Hay & Feed lined the arena showing that more than just the First Ever committee believed in the cause. It was perfect. They learned quickly they’d need more water on the arena and that the Cattlema’am’s dream of a rodeo wasn’t just a reality, it would be an experience for generations to come.

As the dust settled, the arena panels came down and the sun was setting on the First Ever, an exhausted and elated committee came together one last time on that patch of dirt in the Jail House Flats. They knew it was a job well done and had a laundry list of ideas and improvements for the Second Ever.

Hats off to the First Ever Creston Classic Rodeo Committee and what they built for our community. Robin and Trish Beers had produced and participated in rodeos and the like for years and their Arena Boss input served as invaluable and vital. Lady friend Linda Eberhardt, her husband Dave, and her son Monte had been long-time friends of Cotton Rosser and worked many events with the Flying U Rodeo Company. The rodeo network and connections made this dream a reality. And the Cattlema’am and her Rancher, well let's just say it's hard to name anyone who worked harder than Nancy and Noel Ryan to make Nancy’s dream come true.

As we celebrate the Creston Classic Rodeo, one should look at all that’s been accomplished. This rodeo raised funds for CATCH which have renovated the old Station 43 Fire House into a community center; plans for bigger and better are in the works. The rodeo grounds are now under the ownership of Brian and Christine Pritt who espouse a deep love of this community and what it represents. They continue to work closely with the committee to make our rodeo better each year. Indeed, Jail House Flats has come a long way from the portable arena that Flying U hauled in to set up on a Wednesday and tore down under the fading light of a Sunday sunset. All of this is proof that dreams do come true and nothing is bigger than the will and the spirit of Creston.

Written by Carin Ryan


*Rodeo Days *

Rodeo Performance
Sat Sept 14th, 2024 Performance starts at 4:30 pm 
Sun Sept 15th, 2024 Performance starts at 12:30 pm

Admission: $10 (ages 13 & over)
       Military and Kids 12 & under free

Dummy Roping

Dates T 2024
Sign up TBA Rope at TBA
Behind the Grandstands on the concrete.
Age groups: 6 yrs & under, 7-9 years, 10-12 years.
Age is as of Jan 1st,2024.

Mutton Bustin

Dates Sept 15th 2024
Sign up 10:00 am Ride at 11 am
Protective vest provided. Bring your own Helmet.

Riders must be Under 60 lbs and 6 year & Under as of ride day.



Premier Sponsors:

  • Rohrer Hay and Feed/ Linda Rohrer

Diamond Sponsor:

Golden Sponsor:

Silver Sponsor:

  • Chuck & Vikki Houck

Friends of CCR:

Thank you

Thank you to each of our sponsors. Your continued support allows this community event to take place. We could not do it without you.

Thank you to Chuck and Vikki Houck for the photos that have allowed us to make this site beautiful. Truly stunning work!


All entries will be online for 2024

Entry deadline: Dates Coming Soon


Vendor Information

CCR welcomes anyone with a business to come out and enjoy the rodeo! Vendors include Scentsy, Homemade Crafts, Tupperware, Jewelry, Boutiques, Food & Beverage and so much more!

For more information contact Desiree at (805) 268-3635

2024 Vendor Application (Click the link below):

Please remember ALL food/drink vendors must have a Health Permit sent in with application

Vendors for the 2023 CCR:

  • Pony Expresso Coffee & More

  • Dave's Dogs

  • Keiki Hawaiian Shaved Ice

  • Kern River Knives

  • Rockin Spur

  • Mary's Cuisine

  • KC Feeds

  • PJ's Custom Sewing & Crafts

  • Tupperware

  • Scentsy

  • Rustic Desires

  • Balanced Beauty Boutique (Paparazzi Accessories)

  • Silva's Mexican Food

  • Creston Men's Club

  • Pacinies Wild One

  • The Refuge

  • Creston 4-H

  • Creston Women's Club

  • Rooster's Firearms

  • Golden Coast Cowgirl

  • Planet Fitness Atascadero

  • Evie's Ephemera

Horse Legs


All Around Champions:

  • Men's- Tristan Schmidt

  • Women's- Marcey Chavez & Ali Blikey (High Money Winner)



1. 4.93 Cody Golding & Caleb Twisselman

2. 5.20 Lane Karney & Mark Scobie

3. 5.61 Trey White & Colton White

4. 6.55 Derrek Hee &Dan Engler

5. 8.61 Sager Nevares & Bodey Northrup

6. 10.07 Adrian Macias & Danny Leslie

7. 12.41 Jesse Ryan & Casey Stribling

8. 18.24 Casey Cahoon & Joe Jansen



1. 10.43 Breanne Jury & Cody Golding

2. 10.96 Casey Sabin & Krista Sabin

3 . 11.04 Bailey Doherty & Cole Mckenney

4. 11.09 Aubree Scobie-Jennings & Morgan Austin

5. 11.15 Clara Novak & Cole Henry 

6. 11.48 Denim Garcia & Ron Garcia

7. 11.62 Eric Redberg & Ashton Redberg

8. 111.78 Wyatt Lyon & Cheyenne Horner



1. 2.73 Avery May 
2. 4.27 Aubree Scobie-Jennings
3. 6.22 Cheyenne Horner

4. 12.360 Fallon Ruffoni
5. 13.700 Grace Anderson



1. 37.35 Jared Abate & Clint Cooper

2. 85.90 Bailey Doherty & Magnus Doherty 



1/2. 63 Aaron Macias

1/2. 63 Chase Shrode

3. 62 Wyatt Lyon

4. 59 Tristan Schmidt


1. 13.69 Ali Bilkey & Colton Miller

2. 14.260 Trey White & Colton White

3. 16.59 Casey Cahoon & Joe Jansen

4. 17.55 Clay Simmons & Tanner Patino

5. 18.390 David Zepeda & Toby Willis

6. 19.02 Derrek Hee & Clint Nicholson

7. 19.47 Ryan Fitzpatrick & Caleb Twisselman

8. 23.91 Clint Cooper & Chad Rava



1. 2.61 Alison Grantham
2. 3.03 Cathie Twisselman
3. 4.64 Eleni Pateras
4. 4.93 Breanne Jury
5. 5.29 Macy Wilson
6. 5.36 Ashlyn Frost 
7. 8.39 Stephanie Ramsey
8. 9.22 Cheri Kelly



1. 7.47 Marcey Chaves & Tammy White

2. 8.51 Ali Bilkey & Marcey Chaves 

3. 14.05 Avery May & Maggie Usher

4. 17.85 Cheyenne Horner & Cathie Twisselman

TEAM SORTING (on 3 head):

1. 27.66 Marley Howit,  Sam Swan & Nicole Grande

2. 34.20 Blake Simonin, Keith Johnson & Joe Nino

3. 37.09 Vera Gomes, Charity Doherty & Bailey Doherty

4. 38.150 Tammy White, Marcey Chaves & Ali Bilkey

5. 40.760 Nikki Egyed, Oscar Aquayo & Sergio Silva

6. 46.08 Jeff Cabral, Krista Sabin & Casey Sabin

7. 63.39 Alex Heidepriem, Dakota Rodriguez, & Tina Rizzo 

8. 63.97 Mike Estrada, Cheri Kelly & Ryan Kelly


1. 10.26 Derrek Hee & Dakota Rodriguez

2. 11.55 Ron Garcia & Natalia Hernandez

3. 12.43 Caleb Twisselman & Stevi Kaylar

4.15.16 Tristan Schmidt & Alison Grantham

5. 15.99 Lane Murray & Bri Murray

6. 18.27 Erin Ghigleri & Clint Cooper

7. 25.79 Tammy White & Trey White

8. 26.09 Bailey Doherty & Sam Bordan


1. 4.33 Adrian Macias & Trey White

2. 4.48 Adrian Macias & Mike Morrison 

3. 6.27 David Zepeda & Jacob Remo

4. 7.23 Marcey Chaves & Ali Bilkey

5. 7.53 Ward Fuhlendorf & Tyler Amos

6. 10.91 Casey Stribling & Bodey Northrup

7. 11.93 Blayne Twisselman & Clay Simons

8. 13.06 Ethan Sokolowski & AJ Nunez



1. 49.870 Justin Rupe, Mark Scobie, Dugan Kelly & Sam Swan

2. 62.08 Jesse Ryan, Ron Garcia, Lane Murray & Casey  Stribling

3. 73.89 Adrian Macias, David Zepeda, Toby Willis & Sergio Silva


1. 20.91 Caleb Twisselman & Ryan Fitzpatrick

2. 21.55 Clay Simmons & Blayne Twisselman

3. 22.91 Jesse Ryan & Chad Rava

4. 23.37 Ryan Jennings & Clint Howland

5. 27.08 Ryan Fitzpatrick & Carl Wilken

6. 27.51 Bodey Northrup & Casey Stribling

7. 29.48 Blake Simonin & Keith Johnson

8. 34.14 Alison Grantham & Tristan Schmidt



1. 17.339 Kayden Kaiser

2. 17.416 Ella Hile

3. 17.653 Kathryn Varian

4. 17.698 Danielle Fuentez

5. 17.755 Brianna Sharp

6. 17.867 Lacey Lockard

7.  17.960 Cheri Kelly

8. 18.006 Dakota Torgerson



1. 22.801 Avery May & Grace Anderson

2. 23.990 Shannon Shiffer & Faith Cortez

3. 25.140 Caleb Twisselman & Ryan Fitzpatrick

4. 26.180 Scott Silveira & Ashley Silveira

5. 27.280 Nikki Egyed & Oscar Aquayo

6/7. 27.510 Cheri Kelly & Aubree Scobie-Jennings

6/7. 27.510 Rowly Twisselman & Cathie Twisselman

8. 28.500 Eleni Pateras & Heidi Negranti


2024 Board Members:

Tom Bordonaro – President

Bob York- Vice President

Linda Rohrer – Treasurer

Jeff Rigby- Secretary

Desiree Harrison

Chuck Martin

Jeff Van Nest

Jay Rogell

Man in the Mist

Contact Information:

  • President: Tom Bordonaro (805) 441-9641

  • Secretary: Jeff Rigby (805) 835-2184

  • Rodeo Secretary:  Desiree Harrison (805) 268-3635

  • Barrel Race Jackpot Info:  Desiree Harrison (805) 268-3635

  • Team Roping Jackpot Info:  TBA

  • Sponsorship Info: Mike Romelfanger (408) 887-4590

Official Rodeo Photographer

Arena Address: 6180 Webster Rd Creston, CA. 93432

Mailing Address: Po Box 121 Creston, Ca 93432

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Creston Classic Rodeo

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